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Bar End Weights and Throttle Locks


Learn about the Smooth Citytm Bar-End Weights
and Throttle Locks

NEW! Smooth Citytm Bar-End Weights and Throttle Locks

The Smooth Citytm line is the next generation of vibration control products. I have spent years carefully collecting engineering data on hundreds of motorcycles.  The Smooth Citytm line fits more of them than any other bar-end product line, by far.  Each kit is manufactured in the USA, mostly by precision machinists who also work for defense and medical device companies.  Each kit is made to mate with the exact geometry of your bike.  The tolerances, material and finish quality exceed any OE or aftermarket equipment.

They are adjustable for clearance to the grips, with internal shims. On 7/8" hollow handlebars, they can even swallow up to 1/4" of handlebar, to meet the grip. Their versatility is unmatched.

In the Smooth Citytm application finder, just select from the pulldown menus for your make, model, year of bike.  You will then be shown products, photos and details that apply exactly to your bike.

Of course, the Smooth Citytm line is covered by our warranty and return policy.

Smooth Citytm are the best bar-end products out there.  If no other weights fit your bike, these do!

Three finishes, two sizes, two different kinds of throttle lock, optional clamp-on mirror adaptor.

Do you ride a single or a twin with vibrating handle bars? These will take care of it!


Learn about the Idle Mixture Adjuster

Idle Mixture Adjuster

Do you sometimes need to remove the idle mixture screw to clean the idle circuit on your carbs? Do you have trouble adjusting it while the bike is assembled and running?

  • 10" of extension past your hands, to reach way in there.
  • Clear indication of screw slot angle, visible to the user, for duplicating factory settings, or documenting your own. (exclusive)
  • Only 0.840" tip-to-tail, the shortest profile made. Fits between carbs and starters, alternators, etc. (exclusive)
  • Purpose-built precision at a modest price.
  • Super lightweight Aluminum with Nickel plating for smooth action and long life.



Learn about the Zip-On Power Outlets

Zip-On Power Outlets

Do you like heated clothes? Do you have a GPS or tankbag stereo that you take on and off the bike? Do you travel with a laptop and celphone you need to keep charged?

How about a tidy, solid power outlet which mounts to handlebars, or any tube? Allows ONE-HANDED USE!!! Hallelujah!

  • You decide which way the wires come out of the jack. Just another way to make your installation look tidier.
  • Supply loads up to 14 A/168 W. More, with very careful installation.
  • Won't dangle and smack your paint job!
  • Mounts to any tube.
  • Simple installation to battery terminal. No crimping, splicing optional.



Learn about the Gadget Shelf

the Gadget Shelf

Mount some gadgets on top of the tankbag.

  • Mount your electronics on top of your tankbag
  • Big opening for wires and tankbag locking strap to snake through front of mount
  • Remove your electronics with your tankbag
  • Stone-simple installation

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Gotta Ride T-Shirt

Everyone could use another t-shirt, so why not try ours, the only one featuring the manic salamander out for a ride.

  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Hanes Comfort-T
  • Print on front
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL